What Is Title Insurance?

Title insurance ensures the property being purchased is free and clear of someone else’s debts or liens.

Why do I need Title Insurance?

Home buyers do not want to pay for a property that has an unpaid mortgage that is not theirs, or unpaid real estate taxes or delinquent child support, so we make sure this does not happen. Title insurance offers security in ownership throughout your ownership of the property, which allows a quick sale or transfer of the property. In addition, title insurance covers legal costs up to the face amount of the policy, which is a one-time premium.

How does Title Insurance work?

We discover and disclose items that will remain against the property, ie utility easements or sewer company rights of way. If a title defect goes undisclosed or undiscovered by the closing attorney, or a forgery occurs somewhere along the line in history of title, as long as you have title insurance, you are protected.

How much does Title Insurance cost?

All title insurance companies are regulated by the NC Department of Insurance, which sets rate guidelines. Rates are determined by various factors, including purchase price of the property, the property’s location, and whether there is a prior policy, so please contact our office for rate information.

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